Bitcoin halving 2020, will be in May with only 45 days to go

Bitcoin, as they call it the currency of the future, is currently experiencing an episode that brings uncertainty and disputes among its miners, since, after four years, the most anticipated Bitcoin halving 2020 event will take place again on technological platforms, already that nobody knows its results.

Without a doubt, it is worrying because many investors, currently doing their business with this virtual currency or cryptocurrency, technology is an option to influence markets with higher production demand.
For this reason, these investors express their opinions and previous experiences regarding Bitcoin halving, know their opinions, and find out about the news that has been generated on this website, on the subject!
Among the things that you can find out by reading the news, is that this bitcoin halving, is caused by the effect of the law of demand and supply, the more demand, the lower the price, is what is expected according to expert opinions who don’t want to be pessimistic.
Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency in the European and American markets; its products and services are easy to obtain through the appropriate platform for this reason, with, for example, the Amazon in that you will be able to sell with BTC, without any problem.
But sometimes, it could affect the price in the positive or in the negative, so it is important to you to wait to experience the event of Bitcoin halving 2020, which will be for May of this year, do not rush, and read everything concerning Bitcoin, through this website.
Now, if this situation generates a change in value in the currency, it will be because its price is stipulated based on the number of demands, since Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, and for every 210,000 blocks added to the blockchain.
As a consequence, the rewards reduce to 50%; that is, it suffers a reduction of Bitcoin, due to the amount of demand that it has, and perhaps a loss of miners that currently exist in the blocks, do not open more currency Bitcoin.

Posted on April 15, 2020